Hey guys

one pieces are our best sellers... here is some info that could help you decide which one could fit you best:)

MAYA-the maya one piece has no adjustable straps. It's similar to a tank top style.

MOE-the moe one piece comes with three loops in the back. the most popular cut, mostly because  loops help to shape body and make it nice and fitted

TIALA-tiala one piece comes with a one loop back.

There is no particular style "that is more coverage" in regards to bum coverage. You can choose to get thong, cheeky, or full coverage for each one piece.

Things that do make a difference is...

  1. your height... for example if you were to order a maya it may ride up too much if the straps are too short for your body.
  2. tummies or big breasts... going up a size doesn't necessarily mean it'll fit better... going up a size changes the width at hip not the height... sometimes you just may need to request additional fabric height wise to pull over (cost extra) also if youre taller and want bum coverage your height makes a large difference in how much fabric is needed to cover you where you want:)
  3. if a piece is a thong back it'll fit someone different vs cheeky because one is able to pull it all the way up.